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Web Development

Learn to build and design websites and apps, from basic HTML to advanced programming.

Digital Marketing

Master online marketing techniques, including social media, SEO, and email campaigns.

Data Science

Dive into data analysis, machine learning, and big data technologies.


Understand financial management, investment strategies, and market analysis.


Explore creative design principles in graphics, UI/UX, and product design.


Gain insights into business strategy, management, and entrepreneurship.

Product Management

Learn how to develop, market, and manage successful products.

Personal Growth

Enhance personal skills like leadership, communication, and self-improvement.

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A tool to Learn Faster and Better

Your smart learning partner. Makes learning clear and easy to understand.

Smart Learning Help

Customized learning that fits your style.

Focus Mode

Learn without distractions for better focus.

Flexible Learning Paths

Learn in different ways that suit you best.

Interactive Learning

Learn with videos, interactive Q&As, and more.

Goal Tracker

Set and track your learning goals easily.

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Help shape future features by giving your input.

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Their Initial Thoughts

LEAP has been crucial in my MBA journey, especially for acing job interviews with its real-world business insights.
Shashank Joshi
Jaipuria Institute of Management
LEAP made researching sports topics easy and diverse.
Ankan Kar
Sports Now
LEAP's data science curriculum complements my studies perfectly. It's like having a personal tutor for complex topics.
Sumit Rawat
Bennett University
LEAP is great for exploring engineering subjects. It's a fantastic tool for exploring subjects I like. A must-have for curious minds!
Ishaan Majumdar
LEAP offers in-depth content that's more useful than standard searches. It replaced my google and reddit searches!
Aparajita Deb
PwC India
LEAP makes learning physics more engaging and intuitive. It's like exploring the universe from my dorm room.
St. Stephen's College
Participated in ThoughtJumper's Leap Beta launch - loved the tailored learning method. Found their deep-dives into books, topics, and work challenges enlightening & engaging.
Pratibha Sofat
Tech Mahindra
It is an excellent resource for AI-related learning.
Sanchita Gupta
LEAP's blend of theory and practical examples is unmatched. It's an invaluable resource for engineering students.
Harshil Tarang
IIT Bhilai
The case study approach offers contextual learning, and the diverse pedagogy enhances comprehension. Found it super useful for deep, targeted exploration.
Saloni Rajput
Sharda University
This platform, with its wide range of content formats, has been a boon to my learning experience, catering specifically to my preferred style.
Ajay Singh
LEAP is a simple, effective tool for learning about mental health.
Jas Kiran Kaur
Life Coach


Frequently Asked Questions

What is LEAP?

LEAP is a personalized platform for easy and effective learning.

Anyone who loves learning, from students to professionals.

We’re currently in closed beta testing, but we’re onboarding users in waves. Sign up for our waitlist on the website to get started

Use LEAP on desktops and laptops, with mobile versions coming soon.

LEAP covers many topics, from business to technology and more. If you don’t find a course relevant to your needs, feel free to reach out to us at leap@thoughtjumper.com, and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your learning journey. 

LEAP offers a diverse mix of content types to cater to various learning preferences. Our courses are not limited to just video-based or text-based formats. Instead, we curate a comprehensive collection of learning resources, including interactive videos, informative articles, engaging 3D models, concise snippets, external readings, and more. You have the flexibility to explore and absorb knowledge in the way that suits you best!

LEAP is currently in closed beta testing, and during this phase, selected users can access the platform for free. Join our waitlist now for an opportunity to get access to LEAP beta.

You can reach out for assistance on LEAP through our Discord server anytime. Additionally, you can also contact us via email, and we have comprehensive guides available to help you navigate the platform smoothly. 

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