Assignment for Frontend Developers


Create a webpage of a Basic Code Editor using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


  • Code Editor should have a copy button, save button, and a lock/unlock button.
  • Ensure the Code Editor includes basic features of indentation.
  • All the buttons should be operational, with special emphasis on the functionality of the Copy and Lock/Unlock buttons.
  • You have the freedom to choose between CSS and SCSS for styling, but it is preferable to utilize CSS.
  • Code should be properly formatted and well-documented with appropriate comments.
  • It is advised to use the BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) methodology for writing CSS.
  • Any framework that utilizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, such as Vue.js, React.js, or a custom implementation, can be used for the project.


For the submission of the project, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Create a GitHub repository and push the code to it.
  • Demonstrate proficient version control skills by writing clear and informative commit messages. (Optional – Brownie Points)
  • Deploy the code on platforms like Netlify or Vercel and provide the URL. Alternatively, ensure that the code includes a detailed file with comprehensive instructions on how to run the project. If you are using any framework, replace the auto-generated readme with your custom instructions. (Optional – Brownie Points)
  • Provide the repository link using the designated form.
  • Submission Deadline: 23:59 22nd October 2023 (Sunday)

Thank you for your attention to these guidelines. We look forward to reviewing your work.

Best regards,
Edvanta Team